Friday, February 19, 2016

Waddles the Penguin my 13th beanie boo

I want you to meet Waddles the Penguin. Waddles is my 13th beanie boo in my collections. Waddles is black and white with blue flippers and orange beak. 
 photo Waddles the Penguin_zpsdpcntwy2.jpg

Waddles is born on May 1st. He joined the birthday of my Filipino Grandfather whom I did not get a chance to meet. I only see photos of him. 
 photo Waddles the Penguin B_zpsie5blosa.jpg

Waddles loves to swim obviously. Waddles can really swim fast. When he runs, he usually last. 

Have you see any penguin before? Please say hi for me to him when you see one. 

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