Saturday, October 8, 2016

Kidsgold is your best jewelry store to buy for that little Princess

My Summer Babe has her ears pierced a week before she turned a year old. She stopped wearing them she said it hurts her ears. I thought that she will never wear any earrings again. One time we shop at Wal-Mart and she wants me to buy her earrings. I was so delighted. I wish that I could buy her birthstone earrings.

 photo Kids for Gold earrings_zps28zeilxr.jpg

I am so glad that Kidsgold gave me an opportunity to try their birthstone earrings. My Summer Babe finally can wear her birthstone earrings. It is a Peridot as she is born in the August. She was born in the Summer and that is why I called her Summer Babe to hide her identity. The earrings come in a box with a gift bag. The earrings are so beautiful. It is perfect for her tiny ears. We both loved it.

 photo Kids for Gold earrings A_zpsn3knru4y.jpg

The earring has 14k Yellow gold. The size is 3/16" Diameter 8/16" Length. The stone has Peridot 4mm. It is recommended for ages 10 to 16 years old. As young as five years old little Princess can wear earrings from this Website.

Do you know that when you order any jewelry in the website, it comes with a money back guarantee? Not only that as a reader of this blog, enter the code  USFG20 to help you save 20% from your purchases November 1st to December 1st of 2016. What a perfect time for those holiday purchases. The website not only offers birthstone earrings but also necklaces, bracelets for your little Princess from any occasion.
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I received the earrings free from being an ambassador to US Family Guide in exchange of my honest review.

Monday, October 3, 2016

Cancun The Chihuahua Number 25 Beanie Boos

" I'm a cute chihuahua that loves the sun And my fabulous colors are lots of fun ''
 photo Cancun_zpsh3bmlbhw.jpg
Cancun's birthday is April 30th.
 photo Cancun A_zpsslcqjvwz.jpg
Cancun is my 25th Beanie Boo that I got.
 photo Cancun B_zpsrbluysli.jpg
I got Cancun at Rite Aid with my mom.