Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Rosie the Purple Rose Turtle my 24th beanie boo

Please meet Rosie the Purple Rose turtle. Rosie is my 24th beanie boos in my collection. Rosie was born on the 4th of November. She shared the same birthday with my Uncle who I never meet because he passed away when I was born. 
 photo Rosie the Turtle my 24th beanie boos_zps3ftwyuqg.jpg

Rosie is pink and purple. Rosie swim happily. Rosie's shell covered with roses for you to see.
We bought Rosie in our local pharmacy, the Rite Aide. 
 photo Rosie the Turtle my 24th beanie boos A_zpsdfmisyif.jpg

Have you seen a real turtle and touch it? We used to have a snapping turtle by our pond. She is gone now. I even saw and touch her babies. They are so cute.