Saturday, April 29, 2017

Wise The Owl My #28th Beanie Boos Collection

I want you to meet Wise The Owl. Wise my #28 beanie boos in my collection. My Mom and I bought Wise in Rite Pharmacy. It is because the pharmacy is closed to where we live. Their beanie boos are cheaper too.
 photo Wise The Owl my 29th beanie boos_zpsmcqkkrta.jpg
Wise the owl was born on the 20th of September. Wise the owl wears the scarf. Wise is part of the winter theme. Wise keep his neck warms with his scarf on so tight. It will not even come off when he flies through the night. My Dad caught an owl on his trap before. I hope it was not Wise. My Dad let him go. That was not wise of Wise to being trapped.

StoreNVY is your best choice to shop for kids clothing

My Mom promised me that when I do great with my grades in school, she can reward me with something. My grades were high because I worked hard for it. She is so proud of me. I can get the stuff that I wanted. I also know that my Mom does not make more money compared to my Dad.
 photo Ivory Ella_zpsjrpyfnoi.jpg
Though I wanted the expensive clothing but am so happy that I found this store Custom Storefront online. They sell the shirts like the Ivory Ella that I wanted for affordable prices. This is my second transaction from them. My Mom and I were both pleased and that we ordered shirts from them again.
 photo Ivory Ella A_zps8zzhsjkz.jpg
  The online store comes from China. Do not get me wrong, they shipped fast too. Our first order came a week after my Mom paid it. The shipping also is free which is amazing. Their customer service is fast. You can inquire and you will get a response quickly. They sent you a tracking number to let you that your stuff is in the way. They also wrapped yours items carefully. My Mom and I both loved shopping this store. We both recommended it for anybody. Aside from the shirts that they are selling online, they also have stuff like for home. You can check it out here Marketplace Store. Anything you wanted to make your home beautiful, you can search it here.

Freeze The Penguin my #27th Beanie Boos

My Mommy and I bought Freeze the Penguin at Rite Aid pharmacy. Freeze is my #27th beanie boo is my collection.
 photo Freeze my 27th beanie boo_zpsaov1eeyy.jpg
Freeze birthday is on the 17th of November 2015. Freeze's little red hat keeps her snuggly and warm during the cold season. She can play all days long in a really bad storm. Freeze and I will get along as I loved to stay outside and play in the snows while I am bundled-up to keep me from not being sick.