Tuesday, July 19, 2016

My Summer Babe and all her beanie boos collection

She is stuck with number 89 the moment I took this photo of her. She has six more coming in her way. The three are on her birthday list. I found three more that will added as her birthday gifts. 

 photo 13731710_269194033456768_3750131252210788085_n_zpsasstvfv9.jpg

She loves to play her beanie boos by the living room with her big brother. I am so glad that the dogs do not take one and chew the beanie boo. They know that they will be in trouble by their big sister. I filed up all her beanie boos that were all scattered by the carpet. I made a big and small heart. I also asked her to go inside the heart and will took photo of her. 

 photo The Beanie and Her Boos_zpsvajuagov.jpg
Her is my Summer Babe with all her Beanie boos. This girl is getting so big. 

Saturday, July 16, 2016

I want these beanie boos on my birthday wish list

My Mommy showed me these new beanie boos in the TY store. I told her that I want them on my birthday wish list. My birthday is coming soon. 
I want to have
 photo Patsy_zpsj6il5e6i.gif
Patsy the poodle,
 photo Scooter_zpszkpdsaoc.gif
Scooter the snail and
 photo Piggley_zps7ambzfq2.gif
Piggley the pig . It cost 5.99 each. I hope that my Mommy will grant my birthday wish list.