Sunday, December 25, 2016

Fancy Nancy The Musical CD what a fun to listen

My Mama and I both loved music. We loved to listen and loved to sing along as well. Every time my Mama and I go somewhere,she always has music play while she is  driving. 

 photo Fancy The Nancy musical_zpslqt5zidh.jpg
Fancy Nancy The Musical is a new CD for me to listen. It has 11 songs. My favorite is the intro Overture. My Mama's favorite is the song You'll Always Be My Star. She said the song is for me. This CD is fun to listen. It has music from animals, learning manners and kids music that they will like to listen. It is our new CD in my collection.

If you love music  likes me, you should get it one for yourself. I know that you will love this CD just like me and my Mama. 


  1. A nice opinion for a musical CD to get mommy, maybe I will look and see if I can listen to the songs before I purchase it.

  2. Music is a great stress-buster. It also lifts our spirits when we feel down. No wonder we all like it! Glad to hear you've found a musical collection that you and your mom both enjoy. -- Maria Teresa Figuerres