Sunday, September 4, 2016

I received six beanie boos on my birthday

Last month, I turned double-digit on my birthday. My Mama invited few of her friends to celebrate my birthday. It was a very simple birthday celebration but I am very happy with it. My Mama cannot have my birthday celebration on the weekend as she has to work. It was right on my actual birthday that I had a party.

 photo Beanie Boos on her birthday_zps9dub8som.jpg

These beanie boos are on my birthday list. I want to thank my Mama for buying these beanie boos on my birthday. The beanie boos are from right to left Patsy the Poodle, Pierre the Pink Seal, Piggley the Pig, Boom Boom the Panda, Scooter the Snail and Owellete the white Owl. I will describe them more detailed on more pf my post so stay tune to learn more about them.


  1. those beanie boos are so cute.I want to have them for my nieces :)

  2. These beanie boos are looking real great,hope this birthday you also get something amazing from your mama again.

  3. This beanie boos is really awesome. I guess my youngest daughter will love this too