Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Meet Elfie the Elephant my #89 beanie boos

Elfie the Elephant is from Justice store exclusive.

 photo Elfie the elephant A_zpsbarkbpqv.jpg
She is my #89 beanie boo in her collections. My Mommy bought it on Ebay. 

Elfie was born on October 18th.
 photo Elfie the elephant_zpsz2kusavz.jpg
Elfie is a very colorful elephant. Elfie loves to eat peanuts in the sun. Elfie loves to share the peanut with her friends one by one. Unfortunately I cannot eat peanut as I have severe allergy of it.


  1. Your little princess has a very wide collection of those Beanie Boos! Wow! It will be nice to keep them for her own kids to play with. I kept some of my daughter's toys for my future grand kids. :) And also as memorabilia. :)

  2. Elfie the Elephant is cute and colorful and guaranteed to be loved by kids.