Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Halo the Angelic Bear Beanie Boo a perfect gift for communion

My Summer Babe will have her first communion pretty soon. She missed last year so she will make it this year instead. I am so excited that she will have her first communion. 
 photo Halo The Angelic Bear_zpsuosgamjb.jpg

My Summer Babe grow up so fast. I still remember how cute she is during her baptism. How time flies so fast. 

Since I knew that date of her first communion, I started to search a communion gift for her. Since she loves to collect beanie boo, I found this Halo The Angelic Bear as a perfect gift for her communion. It is a retired beanie boo so it is not available in the store. 

I bought this on Ebay for $5.95 plus $3.99 shipping. The moment I saw it, I clicked the buy it now right away and paid it instantly. I cannot wait for her to open one of her gifts on her first communion. 


  1. That beanie boo would be perfect for your daughter's First Communion. Kids grow up so fast! I didn't know where the time went. It feels just like yesterday, they were babies, now, they are all grown up!

  2. That is so cute! That is one cute collectible you have!! Speaking of comunion, my kids are serving in the first communion today!

  3. Such cute Beanie boo :) I wonder why we never collected these cuties when they are absolutely adorable.

  4. Such a cute Beenie! My daughter will be having her first communion this school year. I'll get her this as a present.